We will update the program here when it is ready. This is a preliminary schedule. All rights reserved for changes.

Friday 6.9.2024, program starts at 17:30

  • Start-training (in Finnish, also in English if there are participants)
  • Keynote & workshop (in Finnish)
  • First Timers & Last Timers cocktails
  • Welcome party The Disco of Decades!

Saturday 7.9.2024, program starts at 9:00

  • Morning Show
  • Keynote speakers, training sessions, workshops (program also in English)
  • Area A elections and GA
  • Area A debating competion
  • DP training
  • Trade Show
  • Program for IPP, senators, kids etc.
  • JCI Helsinki 70 years Anniversary Gala

Sunday 8.9.2024

  • Journey to home may start after good breakfast! Mayde there is still a change to meet new people during breakfast?