JCI Finland Area A regional election meeting 6-8 September 2024 Hotelli Korpilampi

Best before?

During change and development, it is natural to look at the past and think, “Was it better before?”

This year, JCI Helsinki invites you to travel back in time, explore forgotten stories, embrace the present and together weave a future full of limitless potential.

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What is it about?

We dive deep into JCI’s rich history, celebrate its achievements, leaders and milestones. We ask if the past was really better or if together we can create a future that is even brighter.

Through the stories of our members, past and present, we conclude that JCI is a platform for personal and professional growth, a source of power for change and a community that inspires leadership in all areas of life.

Join us as we bring out forgotten stories together, embrace the present and create a future direction full of possibilities.

The best is yet to come.